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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

vegetarian children

While more and more homes vegetarians , many parents wonder if this type of diet recommended for children. The key is to choose healthy foods .

We define a family vegetarian who does not eat meat, including fish sometimes . In many homes this is done by religious themes , or health or the environment. Those who follow a strict diet without products such as milk, eggs , butter, are called vegans.

Children and vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet in childhood may help raise the child healthy eating habits. In a vegetarian diet , food the child should be the contribution of minerals , vitamins and proteins needed for its development . Whatever the diet that parents give to children, we must first consult the family doctor or pediatrician.

Parents must ensure that dietary change can not affect the normal development of the child. It is advisable that the child's diet is very estricta.Productos required in the diet of a vegetarian child

Vegetarian children need a varied diet that gives them everything they need . As children need an extra dose of calcium and protein and other nutrients. It is advisable to follow the diet expert, however, did not fail to include :

    Cereals : the child needs 5 servings a day for not missing energy.
    Fruits: about four a day for children to have the necessary vitamin intake .
    Dairy : 3 servings of calcium and fat.
    Eggs 3 weekly . Proteins.
    Olive oil: two tablespoons daily .

However, many parents add an extra protein and iron in the form of supplements .